Introduction to DeluxeBB free open source bulletin board software

DeluxeBB is a powerful open source bulletin board, which helps you create your own web communities in less than 10 minutes.

The board is written completely in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store its content.
All pages are optimized for speed and elfbar security. We believe is not necessary to overload the software with features like many other forum providers, we always keep the speed, security and easy handling as our primary objectives.

Although we do provide our community members with a specific forum for feature requests and user created mods and add-ons.

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    DeluxeBB 1.3 Released (06-02-09)

    Stable Version, many bugfixes and improvements.

    This new release fixes several security problems and bugs. Additionaly it adds several new features, for example the most wanted feature from our community forums: A captcha script for the registration of new members.

    Please note: Upgrading to 1.3 removes the old skins: dbb bluesky, dbb greenworld, dbb gray. Those skins were not css based and out-of-date. Of course the upgrade corrects the skin settings, so nobody has to use a non-existent skin. To compense the removal of these skins we added a brandnew simple blue skin. Also another skin can be expected soon for separate download.

    The DeluxeBB team wishes you a great year 2009.
    Changelog for version 1.3:

    New features:

    • Added chinese language file
    • Captcha on registration
    • Database now runs using utf-8
    • File uploads now utf-8 compatible
    • When changing email in member cp -> user has to revalidate
    • Hide buttons when no permission to post
    • Logging in on “No permission” sites
    • Topic Starter
    • Quick Reply box
    • New install and upgrade instructions
    • Delete/Change Attachments
    • Realtime switching between Richtext and Text editor on Newsletter page