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Frequently Asked Question
Login, Password and Register information:

  • How can i login, and do I have to login everytime I visit this BB?
  • I’ve lost my pass, how can I retrieve it?
  • How can I logout?
  • Why should I register myself?

Your Private Messenger:

  • What is the private message system?
  • How can I send a PM?
  • I have received a new PM, how can I read it?
  • What is the Tracking tool?

Using The Search feature:

  • How does the Search feature work?

Using your Member CP:

  • I want to edit my personal settings, like my email-adress, how can I do that?
  • Can I change my password?
  • How can I change my avatar?
  • How can I change my Signature?

Start and Reply to a Topic/Thread:

  • How do I start a new Thread?
  • How to post a Reply?
  • Can I delete/edit my own messages?
  • How do I use smilies in my post?
  • Can I insert an Attachment in a post?

Login, Password and Register information

Login Information
If you have chosen to be automatically logged out after a specific period, you will need te re-login again when the session has expired.
When you choose to stay logged in for a long period(ie. 1 year), DeluxeBB will save cookies, so you will be logged in automatically each time you visit.
But if your browser does not support cookies, or if you have turned cookies off, you will have to re-login every time you visit this forum.
You will have to login again when the session is expired. In other words cookies MUST be enabled to make it work.

Retrieve your lost pass
If you have lost your password, simply hit ‘I forgot my password’ and you will need to fill in your username and email-adress(enter the same email you used when you registered).
Your password will be send to your email-adress then. Because security is very important, your password will be encrypted when you register. This also means nobody but you can retrieve your password.

Logout Information
Logging out is very simple, you only need to hit the ‘Log-out’ link that is displayed on the main forum page. After that you will be forwarded to the main page.

Register Information
Registering on this forum could give you a lot more features than you have when you are a guest.
You get your own username, and other users will recognize you when you post something.
If you want to become a member, click on ‘Register’ and fill in the required information.
After that you will be forwarded to the main page.

Your Private Messenger
Your Private Messenger works almost the same as an email account. You can easily send, receive and save messages.
You can find the Private Messenger link at the top of every page.

Send a new Private Message
With this you can send a private message(short name: PM) to other members.
It is very easy to send a PM, just fill in the member name who you want to send a PM(to send a PM to multiple users, seperate the single names with commas, incl. a space), insert a subject, and in the big text field you can enter the text.
If the head admin allows it, you may use html in your private message. If you click ‘Save in outbox’ the message will be saved in your outbox.

Receive a Private Message
When you receive a Private Message, the new PM will be stored in your inbox. If you receive a lot of PM’s it is important to delete some older PM’s, because when your inbox is full you won’t be able to receive new messages.
In the standard skin, you will see a box on the top of the forum page when you receive a new PM. When you have read it the box will automatically disappear.
You can move your PM’s to your ‘Saves’ Folder. Messages that are stored in that folder can’t be removed by the ‘Prune’-option. That’s a tool which admins will use to reduce the size of the database.

With this tool you can check if your PM’s have already been read by the receiver.
Using The Search feature
How to Search:
With the search feature you can quickly find topics and posts that contain the kewords you enter.
The easiest way to search for something is to enter some keywords and choose ‘Any of these words’, for a not to specific search.
If you select ‘all of these words’, you will only get results that contain all of your keywords. ‘The exact phrase’ is very usefull when you get a lot of results when you are using ‘All of these words’
The other options allow you to fine tune the search.
If you enter a name into the ‘Search by user name’ section, all posts started or replied in by this member are returned.
Using your Member CP
Edit your Personal Settings
This section allows you to change your own personal settings like your email, instant messenger information,
your language skin, time offset and more.
All of this information is optional and can be omitted.

Modify your account password
You may change your password from this section. Please note that you will need to know your current password before you can change your password.

Edit Avatar settings
In this section you can edit your avatar settings. You must enter the full url of your avatar (not www.avatarlink.com, but http://www.avatarlink.com)

Edit Signature settings
In this section you can edit your Signature settings. This works the same as replying to a thread. You can use HTML if the Administrator of this BB allows it.
Since the administrator can decide what he allows or not in a signature, we suggest you to contact the Administrator for further Signature Settings.
Start and Reply to a Topic/Thread:
Start a Thread
You can start a new thread by clicking on the ‘New Thread’ button.
You will find the button inside a thread, or in the thread list.
Don’t forget to fill in all the required information, like Thread Title,
and the message.

Reply to a Message
You can reply to a message, by hitting the ‘Reply’ button inside a thread.

Edit and Delete your own Posts
Yes it is possible to edit/delete your posts. But you cannot delete a post anymore, when someone else has replied to your message.
It also depends on the settings, made by the Board Administrator.

You can use smilies in your post, by clicking on a smilie when you are posting a reply, or creating a topic.
🙂 😀 🙁 and :S are some of the most used smilies. DeluxeBB will automatically change the 🙂 to a happy smile etc.

How to insert an Attachment
If the board admin didnt disable it, you can select a file to upload on the posting screen.