There are several ways to gain support.

The easiest way is to post your problem/question on the community board. Many nice people will try to help you for free. Also you might find someone who already had your question, please use the search function.

For questions about licensing or the use of DeluxeBB you can contact [email protected]. Please do not report bugs per email, use the community forum.

In case you want extended support, we offer different paid “packages”. Just click on a service if you need more information about it. All payments run over Paypal, for other payment methods, contact us.

Please send us an email after the transaction, so we can arrange everything for you.

Hosted Installation

Initial Installation

Upgrading your board

Creating a custom skin

Coding a feature

Business support

Business & backup support

Remove copyright
All paid services are handled as fees. DeluxeBB is a non-commerce project and we use these incomes for server costs, hard- and software.